GL- Questions

1. What are the application objects that support View Accounting and Drilldown?
GL_Import_Reference_Table (modified) For Example Invoices imported from Payables into GL goes to these tables from GL_Inerface table.
GL_JE_LINES (modified)

New views in the database:

2. Where in Oracle General Ledger 11i can Drilldown be accessed?
You can drilldown from GL Account Inquiry window and the GL Journal Entry and GL Journal Inquiry windows.

(N) Tools -> Drilldown Open the Journal entry in GL and go to Tools - drilldown, its shows u the origin of the journal entry. It is used only for viewing the origin of the journal entry.

3. What are the Release 11i Sub-ledger drilldown features?
Expanded Subledger drilldown to other subledgers.
View Accounting Lines window.

4. What are recurring invoices? What are AP setup steps?
Some times suppliers would not be sending any invoices, but still the payment have to be made to him. Ex: rent, lease rentals. In this situation we have to create invoice every period wise. For that purpose we have to create one recurring invoice template. Template means with one master copy creating the multiple invoices. Here we are creating the one invoice master copy is formally known as recurring invoice or recurring invoice template.

Setup: 1) Create one special calendar
2) Create one full distribution set
3) Enter payment terms in the recurring invoice window
4) Enter the template no., first invoice amount, special invoice amounts.

Recurring Entries are of 3 types-
1. Standard,
2. Skeleton,
3. Fornulae Based
In GL Module
1.Define Formula Batch (e.g. ABC Rent batch)
2.Enter Lines (Here u have both Debit as well as Credit lines)
3.Generate Recurring period
4.Review Journal Batch
5.Post the batch

1. Standard Recurring Journal: It is used for same accounts & same amounts e.g.
Utilities Dr
Cash Cr
2. Skeleton Recurring Journal: It is used for same accounts but for different amounts, e.g.
Recurring Fee Dr
Cash Cr
3.Formule Based Journal: It is used for different accounts with different amounts, e.g.
Salaries Dr
Cash Cr

5. If any conflict occurs in FSG who will override; Column Set or Row Set?
The override component is row set. However some times it depend on the column set also.

6. What is the difference between discounts and adjustments?
Discount refers to the payment terms or on quantity (bulk order discount) ordered. In the invoice received from supplier, discounts term is specifically stated, e.g. “If paid with in 15 days discount @ 2%”, what you need to do is pay 2% less then the original invoice amount, however caution should be taken that the freight amount should not be considered while calculating the discount. Adjustment could be for various reasons- Over priced invoice, short delivery of quantity as per goods received note, poor quality etc. Agreed upon amount will be deducted from the invoice, while making the payments.

In AR, discount is given to promote the business and cash flow. Adjustments are made to adjust the account balances, which is not possible in other means.

7. What are cycles of GL, AP, and AR?
GL Accounting cycle can be further elaborated like this...
1. Open Period.
2. Create Functional and foreign journal entries.(including the journal import from legacy systems and subledgers).
3. Reverse journal entries.
4. Post the journals.
5. Review and correct the balances.
6. Revalue foreign currency balances.
7. Translate foreign currency balances.
8. Consolidate set of books.
9. Run accounting reports.
10. Close the accounting periods.

AP cycle -------- Purchase Order --> Receipt --> AP voucher --> Payment made
AR Cycle --------Sales Order --> Shipment --> Invoice --> Payment receipt
GL cycle -------- Direct GL JE / Transfer subledger data to GL --> Post

8. What are Summary Accounts and Rollup groups?
Summary Account is an account whose balance represents consolidation of accounts
Rollup group is a collection / consolidation of parent accounts. e.g. Assets is a total of Current assets and Fixed Assets. Current assets / Fixed assets in turn are collection of assets.

Summary Account is an account whose balance represents the sum of other account balances. You can use summary accounts for faster reporting and inquiry as well as in formulas and allocations.
Rollup group is a collection of parent segment values for a given segment. You use rollup groups to define summary accounts based on parents in the group. You can use letters as well as numbers to name your rollup groups.

Summary accounts are consolidated balances of accounts and rollup groups is collection of parent accounts.

9. What Sub-ledgers does Oracle General Ledger 11i Drilldown support?
Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Management
Drilldown from Oracle General Ledger 11i also supports Oracle Purchasing module (displays POs and Requisitions) from 11.5.9 version onwards.
Drilldown from Oracle General Ledger 11i is supported for Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Assets (except depreciation), Projects, Purchasing, Inventory, and Work in Process (WIP).

10. What are different types of Journal entries?
There are 5 types of journal entries-
1. Manual Journal,
2. Recurring Journal,
3. Allocation Journal,
4. Budget Journal, and
5. Imported Journals from other sub ledgers.

There are 4 types of journal entries-
1. Basic Journal Entry - Used for most of the accounting transactions
2. Reversing JE - Created by reversing the existing journal entry
3. Recurring JE - Defined once and then generated for subsequent accounting period
4. Mass Allocation - Created to allocate the revenues and assets to a group of resources (cost centers, departments, divisions, etc.) from a single Journal.

Statistical, and

11. What is Set of Books? What are the four conditions when you change your SOBs?
Set of books are created keeping in mind the 'Accounting Structure". This is a combination of 3 'Cs' - Chart of Accounts, Currency and Calendar. Chart of Accounts is made up of segments-
Max of 30 Segments are allowed.
Two Segments are mandatory - Balancing and Natural segment
Calendar –This can have a max of 365 periods (daily calendar) and a min of 1 period (Yearly calendar). Periods can be monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily.

SOB is of 2 types - Primary and Reporting.
Primary SOB - All transactions are with functional Currency
Reporting SOB - All transactions are with foreign Currency

You have to assign your SOB to your responsibility.

Set of book means linking between the 3cs i.e. chart of accounts, calendar, currency and maintain 5 mandatory accounts

12. What is an Invoice?
AR invoice is a document sent to the customer with details like, Bill-to customer code, product code, qty sent, price, currency, credit terms, tax details, etc. Based on this invoice, customer will make payment to the company and the same is applied against the invoice.
AP invoice is the document received from the supplier and contains information such supplier details, product code, qty, price and tax details. This invoice is entered in the AP module and payment is made to the supplier against this invoice.

There are 2 types of invoices-
1. Periodic
2. Milestone

Also, Invoice is an information sheet which a company sends to the buyer along with the good. It explains the details of the goods in the shipment and also the prices. Invoices can contain all sorts of data regarding the shipment and goods depending on the company and product.

13. Can you disable budgetary control for a set of books?
You can, however existing encumbrances are not cleared from the feeder systems. Therefore it is not recommended. If you do change the budgetary control options for an existing set of books, you must do two things for the change to be reflected.
--Run the Period Map Maintenance concurrent request, it must complete successfully.
--Exit Oracle Applications and restart. You must completely exit the application...it is not sufficient to select Sign on again from the Oracle Applications Special menu.

14. Is there a limit to the number of periods in a budget year or how many years a budget can span?

There is no limit for the budget. One can define budgetary control for n number of years however, one year can have maximum of 60 fiscal periods.

15. Why don't my Detail budgets roll up to my Master budget?

Detail budgets do not automatically roll up to the master budget. The GL uses summary accounts to maintain master/detail budget relationships between them.

16. I was able to post a budget journal to a closed period, why?

Yes, a budget journal can be posted to any period that is in an open budget year for that budget. This is regardless of the status of that period. The budget journal is not linked with your accounting period. Once you have open the budget period then you can book budget journal for that whole period.

17. How many 'Current' budgets can you have?

For each set of books, you can have only one current budget at any point in time. The only distinction between a 'current' and an 'open' budget is that the current budget defaults into the budget field on several budget-related forms. It can be replaced however by any 'open' budget in the field.

18. What is a funding budget?

Funding budget is a budget against which accounting transactions are checked for available funds when budgetary control is enabled for your set of books. Funding Budgets are approved budgets.
Two types of budgets are there in Oracle Apps:
1- Fund 2- Plan.
Fund budget create the Budget Journal but plan budget used only for planning. Fund budget requires journal entries, and is assigned to a summary template or account range in the budget org, where the funds check level is set at Absolute or Advisory. It is the assignment that makes it a 'funding budget’; it is not done at the budget definition level.

19. Why is my budget requiring budget journals?

At the set of books level that option is not enabled? This would happen when the budget itself is defined to require budget journals. This is done at the budget definition level.

20. Why can't I inquire on my budget amounts from INQUIRE/BUDGETS navigation path?

The Budget Inquiry form (GLXIQBUD) is used to perform inquiries about master and detail budgets. GL compares summary balances between your master and detail budgets, and checks for budget variances and violations. This form only looks at summary accounts. To inquire on detail accounts you must use the navigation INQUIRE/ACCOUNTS, and choose the 'budget' amount type.

21. If I delete my budget org, will the budget amounts be deleted?

No, the amounts will be same. Deleting the budget organization does not remove the budget amounts from the GL_BALANCES table.

22. Can I update/adjust an existing account range in my budget organization?

Yes you can update an existing account range in Budget Organization.

23 How many times can a budget be purged?

Budget can be purged only one time.

24. Why is there no value in the REQUEST_ID column of GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE for rows with data that failed to be uploaded by the Budget Spreadsheet Upload program?

You are trying to open the next budget year. After navigating to the form and querying the budget, you notice the [Open Next Year] button is grayed out. You find that Account code combinations are not being added to the Budget Organization.

25. Why don’t my Detail budgets roll up to my Master budget?

Detail budgets do not automatically roll up to the master budget. The GL uses summary accounts to maintain master/detail budget relationships between hierarchy levels. Summary templates are defined so that accounts in your lower level detail budgets roll up into the same summary accounts as the detail accounts in your controlling master budget. A common misconception is that the detail budgets somehow roll up to the master budget by definition, this is not true. You must actually budget to a detail account in the master budget; this then serves as the controlling amount for the detail budgets. Master/Detail budgets are used in the budgeting process to control Authority and identify budgets that exceed control limits. They are not intended for reporting purposes.

26. I was able to post a budget journal to a closed period, why?

A budget journal can be posted to any period that is in an open budget year for that budget. This is regardless of the status of that period (closed, opened, or future enterable).

27. Why don't my budget amounts appear on my FSG?

To include budgets (encumbrances or currencies) in a FSG report, your report definition must specify a row set of column set that has control values specified in the Balance Control options. In the report definition itself, you associate budget names with the control values that are assigned to the row or column set.

28. What are different period types?

You use accounting period types to define your accounting calendar. Different Accounting Periods are-

  • General Ledger Periods (attached to Set of Books),
  • Purchasing Periods (Operating Unit Specific),
  • Cost Periods (Inventory Organization Specific),
  • AP Periods, and
  • AR Periods

If it is accounting period types, you can define your own period types to use in addition to the General Ledger standard period types Month, Quarter and Year. You use these period types when you define the accounting calendar for your organization. However the year type should be either Calendar or Fiscal.
We have different Period types-

1) 13 Month (13 Month Calendar with An Adjusting Period).

2) Annual.

3) Monthly.

4) Quarterly.

5) Semi Monthly.

6) Weekly.

29. What types of invoices are there in AP and AR?

8 Types of Invoices are:
Credit Memo
Debit Memo
Expenses Report
Prepayment Mixed AWT (Automatic Withholding Tax Invoice) Interest Invoice PO Default
Quick Match

Recurring Invoice Arrears Invoice Advance Invoice
Charge Back

30. What is the difference between cross-validation rules and security-rules?

Cross validation rules prevent all the responsibilities/users entering invalid account combinations. Security rules are attached to specific responsibilities to prevent using few of the segment values for a segment.

Cross Validation Rule: Rules that define valid combinations of segment values a user can enter in an account. Cross-validation rules restrict users from entering invalid combinations of account segment values.
Security Rule: It determines the accounting transaction user can view at different levels of hierarchy, such as at Site Level -->Application Level --> Responsibility Level --> User level.

Cross Validation Rule applies across the chart of account where Security Rule is applicable at Responsibility Level or User Level. Cross Validation Rules are meant for defining the set of combinations that are excluded from the global set whereas Security Rules are to restrict Users/Responsibilities. Cross-Validation Rules are to control the certain code combinations. Security Rules are to control the certain segment values.

31. How many ways can you enter a journal in GL?

1. Manual entry
2. Subledger Entry
3. Spreadsheet Entry

4. Recurring Entry
5. Mass Allocation

32. What is a recurring invoice?

Recurring Invoice is a type of invoice which occurs at definite intervals of time. The best example for a recurring invoice is Rent paid to the Owner.

33. What are the setup steps for AP, AR, and GL?

For GL:
1. Define Chart of Accounts
2. Define Calendar
3. Define Currency
4. Create Set of Books

For AP:
1. Define Suppliers (Creditors)
2. Invoice
3. Look up codes
4. Selection of Set of Books
5. Payment Terms
6. Financial & Payable Options
7. Define Banks

For AR:
1. Flexifield
2. System Options
3. Payment Terms
4. Open period
5. Auto Accounting
6. Transaction Type

7. Transaction Source

34. How do we integrate AP or AR to GL ?

There is a program in payables to transfer AP to GL is "payables transfer to general ledger" GL is like AR->GL<-AP, AR and AP both transfer the data in GL. AR Contains all Invoices/Receipts /CM/DM and same way AP also have AP Vouchers. Yes, there is a clear Integration of AP/AR with GL.

The integration is like this: all the accounting created in subledgers (AP/AR) are transferred to Gl. The journal created from AP/AR are clearly identified in GL according to their batch names and journal names.

35. What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date in GL ?

GL date is the date used to determine the correct accounting period for your transactions where as the GL posting date is the date when the journal entry is posted the GL. GL date is the date used to determine the correct accounting period for your transactions where as the GL posting date is the date when the journal entry is posted the GL, also Called Transaction Date & Posted Date.

36. In GL there is no org id. So how can we differentiate the data different operating units when no other modules are given ?

HR data is at business group level. GL Data is differentiated based on set of books id. AP and AR data is mostly at operating unit level. Inventory, BOM, WIP data is at inventory organization level. In the gl_sets_of_books we have the set_of_books_id column. This column is enough to differentiate between one operating unit with the other. If you see the multiorg structure of Oracle Apps modules, we'll see that GL is setup at set of books level. Now you generally won't get data at OU level. OU data sums up at a higher SOB level. Please follow the below structure if you want more clarification top->bottom HR org->SOB->OU->inventory org

37. At what stage, the subledger data is posted to GL?

When Transactions are completed in subledgers data may be posted to GL Basically after entering the transactions, report will be taken to verify the transactions. In case, if approval is needed, it is approved after verifying the transactions. Once you are sure that the transactions are correct, the same can be posted to GL. Once it is posted, most of the information for the posted transaction can not be modified in the subledger. In case of any wrong entry, you need to follow the reversal procedure. Practically, the verification of transactions are done only during the initial stages after implementation. Once the system becomes stable, it is not followed strictly. Note: Make sure that GL period is open for the transaction GL date. Close all the periods in subledger after you reconciled all your transactions. Once you close the period, sweep program will run and all the un-posted and future entries will be transferred to next open period. Once this is done run the GL Transfer program and Journal import programs to complete the transaction transfer process. Once this is done you will find un-posted journal entries in GL you can post the same or reverse the same if you find something is missing. GL periods should also been opened and the GL period should be closed at the last.

38. Why cant interest rates are set uniquely supplier wise in payables module, whereas interest rate is applied to all suppliers the same rate?

Terms and conditions differ with each supplier.

39. What is FSG and its use?

Financial Statement Generator is a powerful report building tool for Oracle GL. FSG is used by the management for the decision making in the financial sector of the firm or an enterprise.

Uses of FSG :
1. Generate financial reports such as income statements and balance based upon the data in your GL.
Note: If you have average balance processing enabled in your set of books, you can report on functional, foreign–entered, or translated average balances.
2. Define your reports with reusable report objects, making it easy to create new reports from the components of reports you’ve already defined. 3. Design custom financial reports to meet specific business needs.
4. Print as many reports as you need simultaneously.
5. Print the same report for multiple companies, cost centers, departments in the same report request.
6. Schedule reports to run automatically.
7. Produce ad-hoc reports whenever you need them.
8. Print reports to tab-delimited files for easy import into client-based spreadsheet programs. In addition, you can use the Report Wizard feature of Applications Desktop Integrator to design and submit your financial reports, as well as view the results, directly from a spreadsheet. 9. Define segment value security rules to restrict financial information contained in FSG report output generated by specific users and responsibilities. Note: To apply segment value security rules, the profile option FSG: Enforce Segment Value Security must be enabled

40. Explain ADI and its features?

ADI means application desktop integrator. It is a excel file which allows you to transfer the data pertaining to General Ledger, Fixed Assets and Budget to oracle apps and allows to run a request. ADI functionality provides an alternative to users who prefer to load information directly from Microsoft Excel rather than using the Oracle user interface. It should read Oracle Interface Programs (batch jobs) rather than Oracle User Interfaces.

Broadly following are the feature / elements of ADI

1. Journal Wizard

2. Budget Wizard

3. Report Wizard.

4. Account Hierarchy Editor.

5. Analysis Wizard.

6. Request Center

ADI allows users take advantage of many of the data-entry shortcuts of a spreadsheet, such as copying and pasting cells, dragging and dropping ranges of cells and using formulas to calculate journal line amounts. ADI validates the data entered against the accounts, security rules and reference information that are defined in the General Ledger (GL).

41. What is EDI and its functions?

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, to send the data to another server/destination via EDI server.E-Commerce Gate Way is the one of the Module in Oracle Apps. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is way of exchanging the Business documents like Sales Order, Invoice, PO etc., between two business entities in agreed standard format like ASCII X12 format. In oracle application, business documents may be referred as 850POI (purchase order Inbound), 810INO (Invoice Outbound) etc.. There are several third party sources are available which may be use in mapping of several documents from Oracle Format to X12 and vice versa. Some of them like Sterling Commerce, Klein Schmidt.... EDI is a toll where in whenever the customer is sending the PO it gets saved in this toll, again when the supplier after supplying the material will send an invoice through EDI, wherein the EDI of the customer will match the PO with the invoice and the invoice will get processed automatically, in case if it is not matching it will be in the error sheet

42. What is planning budget?

The plan for the future expenses is planning budget. It is a paper work. There is no funds requirement. It does not require journals. There are no restrictions for estimating of funds. It is a budget through which you cannot exercise budgetary control. But u can compare your actual with budgets through inquiry window.

43. What is Consolidation in GL?

It Consolidates the Subsidiaries & Parent financial information. At a point of time we can check the Performance of the Companies overall Performance. When we have multiple setup and combine primary and secondary books getting the financial reports is called consolidation We will use consolidation reports at the time of period end closing Consolidation is the Process of combining the Financial results of different companies typically combining subsidiary accounting information into a parent company.The main purpose of consolidation is for reporting purpose. Consolidation is the period-end process of combing the financials of separate subsidiary with the pay rent company to from single ,combine statement of final result consolidation is one of the reporting tool.consolidation may map the subsidiary set of books to parent set of books, even if the set of books values are different using segment rule,accounting rule It is the process of combining the financial results of multiple companies into one financial statement the company may have different sobs in different countries,so we will collect all the financialtransactions(sob) in to one set of book ,that is parent sob then the company easely findout all the finacial year endingresullts in their functional curency,that purpose multiple companies are using consolidation I think consolidation can be done with two ways that is FSG, GCSÂ for FSG it can be done when both parent SOB and Subsidary SOB have Currency, Calender, COA, same then we go for FSG.In Global consolidation System currency, coa, calender are different in parent sob and subsidary sob we have to go for GCS.I am Saikrishna actaully I am pursuing my oracle financials in hyd i just completed one of my module GL institute.

44. How to import data to General Ledger by Feeder System?
There are three ways:

1- You can upload Journal Entries using ADI (Application Desktop Integrator) functionality. ADI is used to interface spreadsheet uploads with Oracle applications data. ADI allows users take advantage of many of the data-entry shortcuts of a spreadsheet, such as copying and pasting cells, dragging and dropping ranges of cells and using formulas to calculate journal line amounts. ADI validates the data entered against the accounts, security rules and reference information that are defined in the General Ledger (GL).

2- Using Journal Import, we can bring the data from the feeder system; to import the Transactions from External Feeder Systems following are the steps-
1. Populate the data from External system to GL_Interface table (GL_INTERFACE table acts like a bridge between the external system and the Oracle General Ledger Base tables where journals are stored). 2. Run the Journal Import process to import the date to base tables (Errors in Journal Import are listed in Execution Report)

3. From any sub module run individual module transfer to GL program Ex: Payables transfer to General Ledger

45. After creating Journal Source how do we approve to the specific Set of Books?

To approve journals from specific source, while creating the source 'Require Journal Approval' check box should be enabled. To approve all the journals that come from different sources In the Set Of Books window under 'Journaling' tab 'journal approval' should be enabled.

46. While creating combination of accounts what is the use of PRESERVED check box?

If we check preserve for a account code combination then even if you disable this account segment value, the inherited (parent. child) segment values will not be disabled. If it is unchecked all the related segment values will be disabled. Preserved check box will help you to retain the original character of the General Ledger code combination, even after u change the nature of the segments during maintenance of the GLCC.

47. What is the MD form 50?

MD50 is a Functional design document, designed by the functional consultant. After interacting with the client, functional consultant will prepare this document. In this we will compare the present business process and client requirement. It is mainly used for Application Extensions and Interface functional design.

48. What are the journal entries in Procure to Pay Cycle?

When we receive the material after approve of purchase order
1. When the Material Received at the Gate-

Receiving Accrual A/C -- Dr
Material AP Accrual A/C -- Cr

2. When the Material delivered to The Inv Org Material

A/c Dr Purchase Price Variance A/c Dr Receiving A/c Cr

3. When the Invoice Is enterd into the Payable with Matching Of PO Material

Ap Accrual A/c Dr Invoice Price Variance A/c Dr AP Liability A/c Cr

1. Material Receipt Receiving Accural Dr AP Accural Cr

2. On completion on inspection and accepting of goods Inventory Dr Receiving Accural Cr The Above given 2 entries are in PO module

3. On entering Invoice in AP AP Accural Dr Accounts Payable Cr

4. On Making payment Accounts Payable Dr Cash/Bank Cr 1. On Entry of PO ________ No accounting impact

2. On Materil Receipt Receiving Accural Dr AP Accural Cr

3. On Completion of Inspection and goods accepted Inventory Dr Receiving Accural Cr The Above mentioned entries in PO Module

4. On entering invoice in AP AP Accural Dr Accounts Payable Cr

5. On Payment Accounts Payable Dr' Cash/Bank Cr When we raise the Purchase Order entry isMaterial in transit a/c Dr To AP Accrual A/cWhen we match the Invoice with POAP Accruals A/c Dr To AP Liability A/cWhen Payment is madeAP Liability A/c Dr To Cash Clearing A/c


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